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Pinniped Seal

Up / Pinniped Seal / Northern Elephant Seal

Pinniped Seal

Pinniped seal or "fin-feet" are large marine mammals belonging to the former biological suborder Pinnipedia of the order Carnivora.

The pinnipeds now fall within the suborder Caniformia and comprise the following families:

  • Odobenidae - walruses
  • Otariidae - sea lions, eared seals, and fur seals
  • Phocidae - true seals

Pinnipeds can hold their breath for nearly 2 hours underwater

To keep warm in cold waters, pinnipeds have a layer of blubber under their skin -which also provides buoyancy. The thickness of the blubber depends on the species. Their blubber can also provide food for the animal.

  • Newborn pinnipeds have no blubber.

Pinniped Diets

All pinnipeds are carnivorous, eating fish, shellfish, squid, and other marine creatures. Most are generalist feeders, but some are specialists.

  • Ross Seals and Southern elephant seals mainly feed on squid.
  • Crabeater seals eat mostly krill
  • Ringed seals feed almost exclusively on crustaceans
  • Walrus consumes molluscan prey items by sucking the soft parts from the shell.

Pinniped Seal

Recent molecular analysis reveals that the closest living relatives of the pinnipeds are the bears, which was already suspected for some time.

An alternative hypothesis held that pinnipeds are polyphyletic, with the true seals derived from otter like creatures and the walruses and eared seals from bear like creatures, but the aforementioned molecular study established that the pinnipeds are indeed monophyletic -derived from a common ancestor... Wikipedia

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The Skipper's Corner

"The Legendary Captain" Ron King, Owner Operator of Sea King Adventures, has over 35 years of experience in the beautiful waters around Victoria and Vancouver Island. He is a certified Master Skipper with The distinction of being Victoria's most knowledgeable marine naturalist and conservationist .

Since starting SeaKing Adventures in 1995 Ron boasts a perfect safety record.

Born and raised in Victoria, Captain Ron has over 30 years of professional marine experience - including 25 years of commercial fishing and 11 years whale watching.

Like his father before him, going to sea is the only life he’s known. He began his career as a deckhand on board his father’s fishing boat "Five Kings II" at the tender age of 11. By the time he was 20, he owned and operated his first fishing vessel, "Aquarius".

 In 1995, with the commercial fishery in decline, he discovered his passion and purpose in whale watching and founded SeaKing Adventures Inc.

Because SeaKing Adventures  is Victoria’s only 100% family owned and operated marine tour company, Ron’s commitment to quality, safety and satisfaction is guaranteed! His central location on board the vessel allows him to provide Victoria’s most comprehensive fully narrated, totally interactive and personalized tours. Boasting a spotless safety record and sightings guarantee, Ron’s qualifications and experience combine to make him the city’s premier guide.

Our vessel can accommodate groups of 12 comfortably and is Canadian Coast Guard inspected annually. The soft riding boat has comfy leather seats, an onboard toilet and is equipped with all the latest in GPS, radar and communications apparatus. Safety survival suits are supplied for each passenger.

Passengers can all expect a exciting, educational, safe and comfortable tour of the area whales and wildlife.

Wildlife Tours
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